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How To Contact the Harbor City Neighborhood Council

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Harbor City Neighborhood Council
P.O. Box 325
Harbor City, CA  90710-0921

For questions related to the City of Los Angeles (including Harbor City), call the Council Office at 310-732-4515.  (This includes traffic issues, permits, city services, business licenses, etc.)

For questions related to the neighborhood council call(310) 918-8650

Please feel free to send your comments for the Harbor City Neighborhood Council Board. We look forward to hearing about the issues that concern you and your community.

  • Kristina

    Testing comments feature.

  • HarborCityNC

    We love to hear from stakeholders in Harbor City. Please share your issues and comments with us here.

  • Teri

    Someone has started padlocking gates to the harbor city Greenway. The gates are remaining padlocked long after the published opening time of 7 AM. Please look into what has changed and ensure that the gates to the Greenway are kept open during published business hours

  • KristinaSmith

    I saw your email and forwarded it to the President. He will look into it.

  • Rhonda Thomas

    Fracking by Brea cannon oil has created a huge sinkhole. Wilmi gton drain , wildlife protected area going down trees DEAD. Property sanrafael mobil home park on uninhabitL ground read my facebook page. Help me help the residents start class action

  • KristinaSmith

    I have been told regarding that fracking issue that you should contact Brea Canon directly, Rey Javier – VP, located on Normandie Ave. Phone (310) 326-4002. I have also been told that Brea does not “Frack” and the closest facility is in the Long Beach Harbor for this area.

  • Rhonda Thomas

    Look further on my post you’ll see that they’ve been fracking here and if you look at my pictures on my Facebook page you’ll see pictures of them fracking they are doing it here and it’s a big sinkhole and they don’t want people to know that’s why they took my life that’s why they arrested me for something I didn’t do that’s why my son is paralyzed and police can’t be this but they are. If you know any environmentalist or fracking activist send them to me it’s for everyone to see what’s going on there fracking all up and down the coast and millions of trees are dying true I can’t believe it and this is what our government doesn’t want people to know they’re actually raping our Earth these people doing it . Getting so rich that there taking over government I have much hope with trumps send him send me his officials I should be arrested if what I say is not true 100% I know 100% it is and I just want my story to get out for people to know it’s not just about me and my son it’s about everyone it’s about our country and who’s running it

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  • Rhonda Thomas

    They put up no trespassing signs in Wilmington wildlife access. Since police arranged defrauding my bank account120,000.00 recognized the fraud paid me back then reversed the decision because police wouldn’t give me a report in the fine print of Bank of America please don’t have to honor the fraud and took 5 Social Security inside VA Pension checks in Vancouver selfies which caused me to go homeless I’ve been living in that wildlife area and they’re trying to hide what they’ve been doing there. They have to leave Greenway Park open it’s open to the public and the front entrance has always been open and the one on PCH did you lock the parking lot and the gates into the parking lot

  • Rhonda Thomas

    The home owners of the woods need to know this. The oil comp having the oil right drill or go biolaterly and strip the minerals from the ground . Fracking. They have to disclose this. They are hiding this