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How To Contact the Harbor City Neighborhood Council

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Harbor City Neighborhood Council
P.O. Box 325
Harbor City, CA  90710-0921

For questions related to the City of Los Angeles (including Harbor City), call the Council Office at 310-732-4515.  (This includes traffic issues, permits, city services, business licenses, etc.)

For questions related to the neighborhood council call(310) 918-8650

Please feel free to send your comments for the Harbor City Neighborhood Council Board. We look forward to hearing about the issues that concern you and your community.

  • Kristina

    Testing comments feature.

  • HarborCityNC

    We love to hear from stakeholders in Harbor City. Please share your issues and comments with us here.

  • Donna

    In front of Narbonne high the new fence needs repair. When or who maintains the median that runs along Westren Blvd? Its starting to look like a jungle of weeds. Are there plans in the budget to maintain the pine trees and clean up the weeds?
    I have call the fire department regarding the hydrant in front of the skating rink, its been leaking for over a year could someone tell me if there is another department that handles leaking hydrants? I would been more then happy to keep calling.

  • C S Rutherford

    The Board is trying to coax Caltrans to cleanup the median, but a definite date is still uncertain.

  • Cathy

    Could you tell me the dates for the Stakeholder meetings in August, September, October and November? It looks like the Stakeholder meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, but I didn’t find a calendar entry or list for the upcoming meetings on your site. Thank you! July minutes indicate the next meeting is August 16, which confused me.

  • Kristina Smith

    Yes, Stakeholder meetings are held the third Wednesday of the Month. They should be listed in the Events and Meetings Calendar on the website. I do not know at this time if they will have a meeting in December. They do not usually hold a Stakeholder Meeting in December.

  • john

    the homeless camp next to the railroad track overpass on normandie & the storage place approx 245th these people have set up looks like a make shift building. can we get these people out of the area. they also walk the railroad tracks

  • john

    where can we pick up those signs for harbor city?

  • Lucy

    What about the RV’s and cars with people living in them along 242nd Place. Next to Narbonne High. How do we have them moved?

  • KristinaSmith

    Reply from Greg Donnan: The vehicles can be parked for 72 hours and then they have to be moved. Moving means just not in the exact same place. If you are posted, the dimensions of the vehicle will need a permit if over 22′ long X 7′ high. Contact Council District 15 and Gabriela Medina for more info.

  • KristinaSmith

    Reply from Greg Donnan: Many people call about the homeless on the RR tracks. The Sheriff’s Dept. is responsible for dealing with them. Gabriela Medina needs to be thanked for the coordination she does on this. Add your calls about this to Gabriela (310-732-4515). BNSF and LAPD do not have jurisdiction as it is part of the future transportation corridor for light rail like the Blue, Red, Gold lines etc.

  • KristinaSmith

    Come a Stakeholder’s meeting at the HC Library on the third Wednesday of the month and ask for one. Check our website first as we may not be having a meeting in December.

  • KristinaSmith

    Reply from Greg Donnan: The fence has been fixed and it takes a long time to get it done, like 10 years to just get the fence in the 1st place. Western is a State Highway and Caltrans is the keeper. and instrumental in getting it repaired. Contact Council District 15 and/or Building and Safety to look into the hydrant leak. Since water is a high priority, the City will be interested in fixing it. (Council Office 310-732-4515)

  • john

    can we do anything about the rude ignorant neighbors that let their dogs poop ($#!) on the grass and do not pick the stuff up. its the same people. my only option is go go to their house and poop on the porch. any other suggestions

  • Brandii

    Hello John, thank you for reaching out to our council!

    This situation sounds just awful. In order to properly assist you, I need to know a few details. Are your neighbors leaving dog droppings on your private property, community property, public property, or their own private property?

    If you do not feel comfortable discussing this on this public forum, please feel free to email my council account:

    I sympathize with the frustration you must be feeling. I’m sure you were speaking hyperbolically, but to appease our city attorney, I need to officially advise you not to poop on your neighbor’s porch.

  • Raymond


    You can contact Animal Control through 311. It is not only rude but illegal. Give them the address and they will talk to the people. IF you can get a picture of the dog “in action” you could send it to Lauren Halligan who is out neighborhood prosecutor.

  • mudmessiah1

    I live next-door to a noisy multiunit in Harbor city so I’m taking it is on 251st St. and every morning the young residents play rap loud enough to make my walls rattle. I know the landlord is just renting apartments but does not control the noise his tenants make what can I do to restore peace and quiet to our street?

  • Petrichor


    We have an issue with feral cats. We live in a single family home and the cats are destroying our lawn. People who live in nearby apartments feed the cats but as they live in apartments they are not plagued with huge amounts of feces in their yards and flower beds. The cats are multiplying out of control. We have a camera system installed and at least 20 times a day the cats activate the camera system. Its out of control. I hope there is something that can be done.

  • Robert Bauer

    Are you talking about 1342 w. 251st? That place looks horrible and has drug deals going on 24 hours a day?

  • Tim

    I have neighbors on 1300 block of 255th Street and Belle Porte, who constantly pop off Walt Disney style fireworks every single night, even at 12am midnight. Aren’t fireworks illegal? I’ve already called the police non emergency line twice. They do nothing. Should I go talk to these neighbors myself, or is it anything else could be done?

  • mudmessiah1

    Yes. Today a rustling in my trees made me look to see a woman on a stool reaching into my yard to pick fruit from my trees.
    If you know whom I can contact for help please leave it on this forum.

  • mudmessiah1

    There is only one way to clear the problems in the swath between PCH and Lomita Blvd and that’s gentrification. Rent those business building to coffee and tea shops and rent to a yoga business to attract upscale clients. The presence of gentry gets the attention of the police far more than noise complaints.

  • 2mssusandh

    Who do I contact in regards to updating the Harbor City Library’s (on 240th St & Western Ave) computer software? I am taking an online course in which the Harbor City Library offers & after registering for the course I was unable to continue due to the Adobe Flash Player Software needs to be updated. 1/26/2017 @ 3:40 pm

  • Yul

    There is a transient living in my neighborhood directly behind the baseball field of Narbonne High School on 247th st and President. I’ve reported it twice and nothing has happened. The mobile home has been there for 6 days now with other transients coming in and out of it. This is a clear violation of Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) 85.02 – Vehicle Dwelling since it’s right near the school and in a neighborhood. It’s now a student safety issue. I’m concerned for them as well as my children and neighborhood. Who can I contact when the police wont bother?