Neighborhood Purposes Grants

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Organizations requesting funds through a Neighborhood Purposes Grant should fill out the Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application.  

  • Please completely fill out the application, including two signatures and contact information.  Be sure your application is clear and legible.  Review the application to verify that  it is complete.  It is suggested that the application be printed first and then filled out by hand.
  • All applicants should attend a stakeholder meeting to present their request for a Neighborhood Purposes Grant (a brief presentation can be made during the Public Comment period of the meeting) and at that time provide the complete application packet to the Treasurer or a Board Member.
  • If an application is approved by the Harbor City Neighborhood Council Board, it is then submitted to the City Clerk for approval.  Therefore, if your funding is for an event, this process should be started at least 60 days prior to the actual event due to the amount of time necessary for the approval process.
  • Note:  The NC Board each year determines how much of their budget will be available for Neighborhood Purposes Grants. Only one grant can be awarded to an individual organization within the fiscal year.  The maximum amount that can be awarded to an individual entity is $5,000 (and requires a completed budget).

The NPG 2-page Application form must be submitted to the Harbor City Neighborhood Council Treasurer along with an itemized budget and any other document required per the application packet. Email application to: