Meet the Candidates

There are currently 20 candidates running for the 13 At-Large Board Seats:

My name is Sydney Baune. I have been a part of the Harbor City community as a teacher at Normont Elementary School for 24 years. I have been a board member of the Neighborhood Council for the last two years, I currently serve as Outreach Chair. I am running for re-election because I want to improve public safety and engage and beautify the community. I would like to continue to work on public safety by continuing my efforts on the neighborhood assessment committee which is working on getting Harbor City issues such a tree trimming, curb painting, and broken sidewalks repaired. I will continue to work on engaging  the community by planning events such as Winter Wonderland, which brought over 3,000 people together. I am currently working on the Harbor City Job Fair which will bring 100 jobs to youth over the summer and Lakeside Concert at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park. I am excited to be working with Sharefest to get Tivoli lighting in Harbor City as well. Most importantly, I want to increase the quality of life and help make the community one you can be proud of. I would be honored to be re-elected.

I am a homeowner, wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother, and also serve as campaign consultant for Caney Arnold who is currently running for State Assembly for District 66. I’ve lived in the South Bay most of my life and in Harbor City for over 13 years. My daughter graduated from Narbonne High School and was honored to be one of their Head Cheerleaders.
I alone actively protested to ensure that the El Camino Shopping Center across from El Camino Collage added high visibility signage regarding their parking rules. Prior to the signage being installed, El Camino’s student’s cars were being illegally towed away the first two weeks of each semester due to the school’s slow process at the time for issuing parking permits and the shopping center’s non-compliance with the requirements for parking signage. I was interviewed by a local internet show at the time that was doing a segment on this all to common practice of shopping centers and towing companies conspiring to have people’s cars towed without providing the required warning signs.
I’ve advocated for the homeless and volunteered to assist at Christmas giveaways, feedings and also volunteered for City Lights Gateway Foundation.
It was my pleasure to support and serve on The 1st Annual Winter Wonderland Planning Committee last year and looking forward to years ahead.
Along with my husband, Caney Arnold, helped to inspire Desi Sarcona pursue and continue to assist implementing the Utility Box program including participating in the painting of the utility boxes that highlight Harbor City Elementary School’s children’s artwork. I’ve helped with the clean up program with HCNC to beautify our community and I am currently working with the Harbor City Assessment Team.
One of my future aspirations is to work with the City Councilman’s office on further beautification programs especially at our parks, all roads and small businesses beginning along main roads throughout Harbor City just as what surrounding cities in our area are currently doing.


I am a 27-year resident of Harbor City and care about the area and it’s residents. I want to help the residents understand their government, and I want to help the government respond to the needs of the stakeholders.


I am a homeowner in Harbor City interested in becoming a member of the Neighborhood Council Board.  I am a regular attendee of Council and community meetings and an active member on the Neighborhood Council outreach, Winter Wonderland planning, and Holiday lights judging committees.  I stay active on community social media groups to get an understanding of some of the issues facing our community as well as events that are taking place in and around the Greater Los Angeles area.  I have experience managing projects and am a team player. I possess strong organizational skills and I consider myself an out of the box critical thinker with innovative ideas.

I have become familiar with how neighborhood councils work by taking the various trainings that are required of Board Members.  I also attended the annual Congress of Neighborhoods in the fall of 2017 at LA City Hall, in addition to a City planning and land use training to build upon my understanding of the inner workings of the city and neighborhood councils.

Thank you for your consideration.


My name is Clinton Frosch. I am a resident of Harbor City and have been a resident for the past 3 years. I have been living in the South Bay for the past 10 years. I am an active member of my community. I am a volunteer with the Harbor City Park as a coach. I am also on the School Site Council and the PTA at Fleming Middle School. In addition, I also serve as a member of the Parent Advisory Committee for Local District South of LAUSD. I am a father of three children, two of which have special needs, and therefore have a vested interest in my community and its future. I care about my neighborhood, both its safety and well-being. I want to give a voice to the people in the community that feel are unheard and make a difference in making our community safer and enjoyable for the residents and their families. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent our community and continue to advocate for its people and their right to a safe and peaceful neighborhood.


I am running for my third term as an elected official to serve the stakeholders of Harbor city being extremely involved in our community.
I am one of the representatives for the largest food banks in the South bay
Also as my elected capacity with LAUSD I was appointed to the parent district south representative, representing our schools in District south. I am your voice to the LAUSD board.
My son attends Narbonne high school and my daughter attends harbor city elementary school .
Please consider me too once again serve you thank you.


I came to harbor City 8 years ago and I have absolutely fallen in love. I believe in this place, the people, its history, and its future. My wish is simple; to actively participate in the community that I have come to love and call my home. Fully recognizing that the privilege of this position is not about any personal aspirations other than to be of service. Acknowledging that it is the community’s vision that provides the direction and efforts of the neighborhood council and not my own. I promise to listen as a neighbor and as a friend. To imagine, create, and be the city we wish to be alongside you. To approach all matters and affairs with fairness, equanimity, and understanding. To prioritize and address all projects with great consideration and in the best interest of our community. It’s time to dream big and get things done.


Hi There!  I currently own a home and am a resident of Harbor City.  I grew up in Harbor City, then went away for college and came back and have lived here ever since!  I want to be involved with the neighborhood to help out in any way I can, and give us the attention we need.  Thanks so much for keeping me in consideration!


I’ve been on the board for 5 years. I recently receive the volunteer community cleaness awarded. I’ve live 25 years in Harbor City (Old Town) community. I have work at keeping that area safe and clean, for 25 years. I made the request  for our streets to be swept  and clean weekly, whereas when I move here it was done randomly. Requested school safety zone and crossing for students. Been working to get the diesel trucks out and from around  Normount Elementary Schools, because of the cancer causing agent diesel has. Progress is being made, the Councilman office has decided to help after all these years. Before retirement (I was a City employee) and kept the allleys and streets clean. The City had the department  to keep the city clean then, those Dept are gone and the city is a mess. I was against stunt skating in the streets, it was dangerous for both the skaters and moving vehicles also causing damage to city property ((sidewalks and painted curbs) damage people cars, so I and the skaters had to compromise . They needed a skate park, I brought this to the board and they were willing to help but the council office didn’t . We got them temporary equipment loan from Long Beach I kept at it others started to help and now it’s in progress. My desire is for the  communities  of Harbor City to live in a clean safe environment . There is a lots of work to be done and there had to be a board that’s work together at one accord or it will be useless VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT THE COMMUNITY AND THAT’S ME WAYNE A MCGEE



I’d like to run for the HCNC because I believe our youth should have a say in the local government and be part of our city’s changes because we are the future! So I’d love to be a representative for the youth in Harbor City, my skate team (CA$H) and I, have helped raise $360,000 for a new skatepark to be built in the future at harbor city park. As a board member I will continue to volunteer for things such as, street clean ups, Winter Wonderland, and many other community events! PLEASE ELECT ME, ARMANDO MICRO II for a seat on the board.



The Harbor City Neighborhood Council is to serve as the voice of the community and the grassroots of the Los Angeles city government.  As such, all discussions, actions, and communications of the Neighborhood Council should be done in the open forum of the meeting.  Harbor City is a diverse, multi-faceted community and it is the Neighborhood Council that should serve as a unifying force not an arena to advertise divisions.   Only by presenting a common front to our Councilmember and the Mayor can Harbor City have our concerns met and receive the city services that only come when they are demanded.   Councilmembers like showy projects and events where they can get their pictures taken and look like that are doing something, but these have minimal effect on improving the lives of the residents of Harbor City.   Increased street cleaning, comprehensive street repairs, more effective parking enforcement, immediate pick up of illegally dumped materials, and code enforcement are all areas where Harbor City is not getting its fair share of city services.  These are the grunt work of city government that improve the daily lives of the residents and they only improve when the Councilmember’s and Mayor’s feet are held to the fire.   All politics is local and only by using the Harbor City Neighborhood Council as a conduit to receive information from the city and demand local services can it be an effective body serving the needs of all of the stakeholders of Harbor City.


IMG_3070 (1)

I’m running for HCNC because as a stakeholder in Harbor city and being a big influence to the youth it puts me in the position to run for the board. The youth is the future and without us there isn’t a future for our community. Raising $360,000 for a Skate park in Harbor City has been one of my accomplishments and to be a youth rep is my next. Our youth needs a say in how we can make Harbor City a better place for residents and visitors. PLEASE ELECT ME, Emilio Otero Jr. To be apart of city council to advance and prosper our community, Thank you.



There is still a lot to do and 2 years is not enough time, so I am asking for your Vote, to continue with the work that we started on cleaning up, and improving our community, and now with more experience this will be easier.



I hope my past experience should help to get the council working smoothly and effectively for a better Harbor City for all Stakeholders.


My name is Paul Rodriguez, I have served the county of Los Angeles since I was 15 years old as a Deputy Explorer. I am now 18 and will be attending Cal State University Dominguez Hills this fall and will be majoring in Political Science. I have a good understand how our local government works.

My main concern of our city it the crime and homeless issues that has been increasing in our community. I have felt the affects of the crime here and the homeless I am sure that many of you too have been a victim to it.

I want to contribute to build a safer community that our future residents will experience. I want to have the best public safety that we possibly can.

Thank you for your time. Please do vote for me to have a spot on the board and represent you.


Danielle Sandoval

I am a property and business owner in Harbor City. My focus is on economic development, quality of life, and a sustainable city. I currently serve as Treasurer and Chair of both the Bylaws and the Budget and Finance Committees on the Harbor City Neighborhood Council. I have served two terms on the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council and three terms as the elected Los Angeles Budget Advocate for Region 12, appointed Council 4 Council representative for Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), experienced in funding and a three time graduate from Civic University which is a partnership between the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State L.A. and the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.
I was recently presented with the 2018 DONE Spirit Award for my contributions to the new Neighborhood Council funding program and a two time panelist at the Congress of Neighborhoods, educating citywide neighborhood council members on funding and outreach.Through positive engagement of our city departments and council office representatives, I have been instrumental in resolving stakeholder issues by successfully using the tools I have acquired during my tenure and my work is not done. It is important that we close the gap between Neighborhood Councils and City Hall, if we truly want to make a difference in our community. We have to come together as one and effectively influence our government and its elected officials. Thank you to the stakeholders that continue to come to the neighborhood council meetings and to the stakeholders that have come together over social media to voice their needs and concerns. I will confirm that your voice is heard and together we will prevail.



I am a resident of Harbor City and a manager for several apartment units in the Harbor area. I have been very active in Harbor City, most recently by bringing artwork to utility boxes . I have served on several committees in Harbor City including the Winter Wonderland planning committee and the Harbor City assessment team (which is a block by block assessment through Harbor City to document all infrastructure issues that need repair )
Things I have done for Harbor City:
* I applied and was approved for a neighborhood purpose grant to beautify Harbor City by painting 11 utility boxes
* I organized an art contest at local schools to involve the children of Harbor City so the winners could have their art on the utility boxes
* I Advocated for city trash cans to be placed along Western Ave . City timeline was 6 months I got them expedited and placed within a week
* It was a concern of the citizens that there were a lot of bike thefts . Therefore I held a bike registry at the opening day of Ken Malloy Park
•I planned and executed several clean ups along Western Ave

I want to improve lives and strengthen our harbor community .
If I were elected as a Neighborhood Council Member I would continue to engage more people to get involved and to the meetings . I would also enjoy planning more family based/holiday community events and bringing more art to the city .
Please consider voting for me on June 2.


I love the Harbor City area I raised both of my boys from age 7 to 17. I would like help bring fun healthy clean ways to help the community grow economically and family personal finance.


Hello my name Is Demetrius Williams I am a 34 year old Resident of Harbor City Ca. I have lived in Harbor City For 7 years  however I went to and graduated From Narbonne high School  where I played football and Volleyball so I consider Harbor City my Home. I  am very active in the community especially things involved with our youth and  I attend City Lights Meetings as well. I have 3 kids that attend school and play sports in Harbor City. I’m A coach at  Harbor City Recreation  and I also coach and on the board for LA Chiefs youth football which practices and trains at Harbor City Recreation. I feel I would be a great asset to the board because I know many people living here and I care about what goes on in the city. I am great at helping planning and I can bring new ideas to the table.  You want someone that connects with the people in the city as well as being out in the community  that person is Me. Thank you for the opportunity and hope whoever you choose to represent the city does so to the best ability.



My background is in community and economic development and I have worked with various municipalities, community organizations and other stakeholders, so I believe I will be a valuable asset to the Board.  My participation council is an opportunity to have new ideas and explore opportunities that have not been addressed.  It is also a way to help realize the assets and resources in the community. I had no idea Harbor City existed prior to moving here.  Shortly after I moved into my condo, my neighbor informed me that I probably would have never moved here because of how dangerous it used it be.  Unfortunately, after a few years I strongly considered selling and moving out of Harbor City.  I did not see reinvestment back into the neighborhood. It was as if Harbor City did not exist.  That’s when I looked into the neighborhood council and started attending the meetings.  I realized that if I want to see improvement, then I must be involved.  Accepting mediocrity is not an option and neither is being marginalized.