HCNC Community Impact Statements

Learn more about Community Impact Statements here.

The newly formed Ad Hoc Legislative Committee will be suggesting the filing of Community Impact Statements (CIS) on the following list of Council Files.  Once the board approves the filing of a CIS, we will post a copy of HCNC’s CIS on this page:

  • CF 14-1635-S2 Short-Term Rentals/Preparation of Ordinance/Home Sharing Ordinance
  • CF14-0366-S5 Proposition D/Medical Marijuana Dispensaries/Adult Useof Medical Marijuana Act
  • CF 14-0054 Illegal Street Racing Activities/Annual Costs
  • CF 17-0274 Affordable Housing Linkage Fee
  • CF 17-0447 Land Use Codes/Oil and Gas Development/Resident Health and Safety/Code Change Proposals
  • CF 15-1026 Clean Up/Green Up