HCNC Community Impact Statements

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Community Impact Statements Submitted:

  • CF 17-0447 Land Use Codes/Oil and Gas Development/Resident Health and Safety/Code Change Proposals.  HCNC’s statement filed:  Harbor City Neighborhood Council supports at least a 2,500 foot setback separating oil and gas extractions operations from sensitive land uses, such as, homes, schools, parks, facilities, for seniors, medical facilities, and hospitals. (submitted 6/30/18)

The board may be considering the filing of Community Impact Statements (CIS) on the following list of Council Files.  Once the board approves the filing of a CIS, we will post it above:

  • CF 14-1635-S2 Short-Term Rentals/Preparation of Ordinance/Home Sharing Ordinance
  • CF14-0366-S5 Proposition D/Medical Marijuana Dispensaries/Adult Useof Medical Marijuana Act
  • CF 14-0054 Illegal Street Racing Activities/Annual Costs
  • CF 17-0274 Affordable Housing Linkage Fee
  • CF 15-1026 Clean Up/Green Up