Harbor City Neighborhood Council Committees

The Governing Board members of the Harbor City Neighborhood Council have organized various committees to address local issues. If you would like help from any of these committees, or would like to join a committee, please contact the HCNC at (310) 918-8650 or board@harborcitync.com.

The Committees and Committee Chairs are as follows:

Budget and Finance:  Danielle Sandoval

Education: John Gonzales

Public Safety:  Greg Donnan

Planning/Zoning/Land Use:  Eric Deklotz

Outreach/Communications:  Sydney Baune

Program Planning:  Joyce Fredericks (jfredericks2000@yahoo.com)


Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness: Danielle Sandoval (Interim)

Ad Hoc Legislative Committee

Representatives to outside committees and organizations:

HANC (Harbor Alliance of NC’s):  Greg Donnan

Friends of the Library:  Grant Reed

Harbor Regional Park:  Greg Donnan