Mission Statement:  The mission of the Harbor City Neighborhood Council is to improve the quality of life for all in Harbor City by creating and fostering a safe, healthy, orderly and clean environment that welcomes ethnic and cultural diversity and promotes a community spirit of inclusion, cooperation, participation and collaboration.

Governing Board Members of the HCNC for 2021-2023

President:  Jennifer Corral
Vice-President:  Desi Sarcona
Secretary:  Crystal M. Soria
Treasurer:  C. Steven Rutherford
Parliamentarian: Richard “Ric” Bragg

Members-at-Large”  (As of July 1, 2021)

Mike Etter
Angelita Perez
Jennifer Corral
Crystal M. Soria
Desi Sarcona
Nora Gersch
Albert Banuelos
Rebecca Perez-Rodriguez
Lori Bordenave-Arnold
Christina Bastias
Richard “Ric” Bragg
Amanda Flores
C. Steven Rutherford