Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness


Update from CD 15 Working Group:

  • CD15 Bridge Home Site: We are still waiting for an update from the CD15 staff. They are working on this now and once I receive I will send over. The last update indicated that CD15 staff was looking at a site in Watts.
  • CD15 Safe Parking Site(s): As of last week, there are three potential safe parking sites being explored by the CD15 staff/Safe Park LA and one set of sites being pursued by a group of faith-based organizations in San Pedro. These will not fulfill Bridge Home initiative requirements, but are part of the larger CD15 strategy.
  • CD15 staff are looking at the following parking sites: 1) 110/harbor blvd, 2) the parking lot across from SP city hall, and 3) a site in Wilmington to accommodate a large number of RV-dwellers in that area. This effort may result in only one site of the three options.
  • Each safe parking site needs about $100k/annually to be ideally operated (with security, services, etc.). Supervisor Hahn’s office has been approached to help with funding part of this. Harbor Interfaith has expressed support of this project and will likely provide the related supportive services.
  • Temple Beth El, Trinity Lutheran, and First Presbyterian are exploring a program in their lots where they would share one program budget.